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Home Markets Cryptocurrency BLXM tokens for decentralized mobility – a future model?

BLXM tokens for decentralized mobility – a future model?

BLXM tokens for decentralized mobility – a future model?

The start-up bloXmove wants to create an alliance for mobility providers and simplified bookings for everyone with its blockchain mobility platform.

bloXmove, a start-up from Daimler, announces its Initial Denzentralized Exchanges Offering for October 22, 2021. The Layer 2 token should therefore be available at an entry price of 0.80 US dollars via Uniswap or Pancakeswap. The token is obtained by exchanging it with an ERC20 (Ethereum) or BNB ( Binance) Token. First of all, the company is trying to acquire funds in order to quickly expand the network, bring more talent on board and thus focus on long-term platform development. The platform would like to enable the individual to buy a ticket for a complete ‘trip’ with an app. In practical terms, this means: a ticket to take the e-scooter to the S-Bahn, the S-Bahn to the main station, the bus to the next town and from there a taxi to the grandmother.

One of the three founders, Sophia Rödiger, explains to BTC-ECHO how and which users can use the tokens and applications, how the platform is initially secured and when it can be used by the population in Germany.

The mobility blockchain platform for mobility providers

The platform of the start-ups is called Mobility block chain platform ( MBP ). This is an offer to mobility providers. That doesn’t mean directly to the end user: B2B instead of B2C. bloXmove would like to submit the offer to different mobility providers to combine their services on a backend technology managed by bloXmove. A comparable example is the Lufthansa app: users can also use this to book flights from partner airlines such as Air Canada or Egyptair without the company giving up personal customer loyalty.

bloXmove offers companies to check and verify the digital identity of the individual users and to conclude the contracts for the respective journeys. To do this, it uses a blockchain that is equipped with smart contracts and is supposed to grant real-time bookings. With the help of the blockchain, the bookings should be able to be processed securely and efficiently – this requires the BLXM tokens.

Issue of the BLXM tokens

Anyone interested in buying can take part in the public auction on October 22, 2021. According to the press release, the BLXM will then be available for purchase via Uniswap and Pancakeswap. For the time being, however, 54 percent of the tokens will remain in the possession of the BLXM Token Foundry Company Limited by Guarantees, in short: the bloXmove Foundation. According to the CEO, the remaining tokens are divided between the private community, the team, the brand ambassadors and the advisors. According to Rödiger, by withholding the tokens, the start-up wants to ensure that the founding team remains independent. The foundation can use its funds to further develop the technology and the protocol, to strengthen the community and to support initiatives in the field of green mobility, as required.

In addition, bloXmove ensures that no other party takes on a monopoly position. The aim is to keep the risk for the young company as low as possible. Dr. Harry Behrens, the second founding father, says that the “combined form of tokenization and funding is the future for young companies”. The fraud cases in the past would have made investors skeptical about new tokens. That’s why his company wants to try in this way to gain the trust of market participants first.

The competition never sleeps

However, bloXmove is not the first company that tries to develop the idea of ​​a holistic platform with a mature ecosystem. Some other companies like Sixxt or Rydes are already working on similar ideas. According to the management, the Dublin-based start-up has therefore placed its focus markets on Asia and Europe. It should start soon in Germany and the Netherlands.


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