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With artificial intelligence to your own NFT

With artificial intelligence to your own NFT

NFT are empty shells that enable smooth transitions between art genres: images, video and sound can be mixed using the tokens to create multimedia total works of art. For creatives who want to add music to their NFT but have no clue about recording, the AI-based platform Loudly offers the right solution.

With the triumph of non-fungible tokens, the art and music industries are experiencing a renaissance in the digital age. What seemed unthinkable a few years ago and was only granted to a few creative minds is now becoming the new status quo thanks to NFT: the opportunity to live from and through art. You no longer have to rely on contracts with labels or sales through galleries and auction houses. NFT democratize access to the market – for both sides: artists and collectors: inside. Sales can be handled independently and via platforms such as Opensea or Rarible can basically anyone who is capable of minting (i.e. the coining of NFT) offer art and music. A tool that has so far been sparsely used in the NFT area is artificial intelligence, which, however, could prove to be a major driver. The Berlin company Loudly shows how artists can simplify their creative processes with the help of AI.

Loudly is a platform that allows AI-generated music to be arranged practically in autopilot mode without prior knowledge. Components from a music library comprising 120,000 audio files, which thus represents one of the world’s largest AI music databases, can be jumbled up as desired and arranged into finished music tracks with just a few clicks. The repertoire of different styles leaves little to be desired. The decisive factor, however, is that artists receive full ownership rights to the titles and can use them for any purpose. This makes the platform particularly attractive for NFT artists who can set their tokens to music even without musical know-how.

Loudly networks AI with NFT

Loudly CEO Rory Kenner also identified one of the main areas of application in this, as he reveals to us in an interview. The aim of the platform is therefore to “become the outstanding music engine for the creator economy and thus also for the NFT artist and Metaverse world”. Loudly should become an important pillar in the creative process, with which creative people can ultimately give their tokens a touch of exclusivity. “Visual artists can now create their own soundtracks for their NFT art, adding value,” said Kenner.

And that without getting into copyright problems, since the exploitation rights of the pieces of music lie entirely with the artist. Loudly can also be used to create a broad music collection in just a few simple steps. “We see a very interesting area for musicians where they can use our AI music engine to instantly remix their master tracks and create ten new songs from the original master”. Each token in an NFT collection can be accompanied by an individual companion piece: “The great thing about it is that artists can then sell the remix tracks as NFTs and create a“ collector’s item ”catalog around their original track”. A win-win situation, says Kenner. “After all, the effort is little and the fans have more content to engage with”.

The creative industry in upheaval

According to Rory Kenner, the NFT advance heralds nothing less than a paradigm shift. He particularly emphasizes three major achievements. “The diversified ownership makes it possible to remain largely independent of the requirements of the big labels, for fans there is a new form of incentive and artists: inside will have new types of“ creations ”that they can monetize via NFT, like videos, virtual items or remixes ”.

According to Loudly’s managing director, artificial intelligence plays an important role in this transformation process: “The greatest impact of AI on artists in the near future will be that AI-supported works in the fields of image, video and music will expand rapidly evolve, which means that everyone will have equal access to new AI tools that will affect the way they work and express themselves ”. It is evident once again that the diverse NFT synergy effects are still in their infancy and are only just beginning to show their potential.


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