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Anonymous disappoints with new crypto video

Anonymous disappoints with new crypto video

The hacker collective Anonymous has published a new video on the situation in the crypto space. However, you shouldn’t have too high expectations.

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Anonymous is famous and notorious. Through numerous operations, the group succeeded in repeatedly directing the media focus to grievances in society. The campaign against Scientology, for example, is legendary when the collective was able to paralyze their websites using DDoS attacks.

In the crypto world, Anonymous had not yet made a particularly prominent appearance. However, that changed after Elon Musk voiced criticism of the Bitcoin carbon footprint. The group published a video in early June in which they accused the Tesla boss of hypocrisy and also announced actions against the self-proclaimed “dogefather”. Since then, however, it had become quiet about Anonymous.

Now the hackers are back on YouTube . “A message to the citizens of the crypto world” is the title of the new video. And it starts dramatically with the Chinese government’s rigor on Bitcoin mining. That Beijing is disgusting the digital miners in order to establish the digital yuan as the only means of payment in the country. It continues with the crash that shocked the crypto space. Anonymous criticizes that institutional and wealthy private investors would particularly benefit from the currently low prices through over-the-counter trading, as this does not affect price performance. However, the crypto space will recover from this.

Anonymous with a revolutionary stroke of genius

But anyone who expects a new stroke of genius from the collective will be immensely disappointed. Because towards the end the video actually leads to a PR move in which Anonymous presents its own token – with the mysterious sounding name “Anon Inu”. Anonymous wants to wage the “meme war” with Elon Musk and arm itself for the fight against China’s restrictive crypto policy. What a challenge.

For the sake of completeness, the most important functions of the DeFi Community Token are briefly discussed here:

  • Anon Inu runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Hodlers should be rewarded with additional coins for holding their Anon Inu
  • An NFT platform is to come in the future
  • A burning function is also to be established

In addition, Anonymous wants to donate part of the coins to animal shelters.

It is a bit bizarre that the hacker collective, which Elon Musk recently accused of having destroyed “people’s dreams” with its Bitcoin criticism and promotions for Dogecoin, is now advancing into precisely that “Memecoin” sector.

Community is not enthusiastic

The choice of the Binance Smart Chain pissed off other users . Because the platform of the crypto giant of the same name has been the victim of various hacker attacks and exit scams lately. Choosing Anonymous will certainly not build trust.

In general, Anonymous’s action seems to have backfired a lot. Maybe the collective should go back to its strengths instead of trying to profit from the hype about crypto currencies. There is enough work in the crypto space.


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