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Home Markets Cryptocurrency Because of Solana: Those were the top performers of the last 30 days

Because of Solana: Those were the top performers of the last 30 days

Because of Solana: Those were the top performers of the last 30 days

Not because of Solana and Cardano: These altcoins have seen the greatest increase in the past 30 days.

If you take a look at crypto reporting these days, you might think that Cardano, Solana and Ethereum are currently celebrating the biggest altcoin price fireworks. But far away from the top 10, altcoins have also proven to be gold mines in the past month that almost nobody has on their radar.

1st place: eCash (XEC)

First place went to eCash (XEC). Because on August 16, an XEC still cost $ 0.000056. 30 days later you have to push 0.000253 US dollars over the crypto exchange counter for an eCash coin. This brings eCash to a price increase of 450 percent – by far the biggest fireworks display of the past 30 days among the top 100 coins.

Source: CoinMarketCap

One possible reason for the eCash rally could be the rebranding announced on July 1, 2021. Because the project wasn’t always called eCash. Before that it was called “Bitcoin Cash ABC”. Amaury Sechet, chief programmer of eCash, comments on the rebranding as follows:

eCash opens the door to previously unattainable opportunities. To do this, it combines the core technology behind Bitcoin’s success – the same fixed stock, halving plan, and Genesis block – with the latest proof of stake consensus and protocol governance.

2nd place: Fantom (FTM)

Second place goes to Fantom (FTM). On August 16, the price of a Fantom Coin was still quoted at $ 0.41. One month later, on September 15th, an FTM cost you $ 1.41. A growth of 343 percent.


At the moment, both NFT and DeFi applications are probably the most hyped investment topics in the crypto sector. Above all, Fantom should benefit from the fact that the project has a foothold in both industries. Because Fantom is represented in the DeFi as well as in the NFT area.

So published Fantom until August 26 an article for NFT. In addition to a brief explanation of what NFTs are, the Fantom Foundation presents various projects that Fantom uses as a network. Among other things:

  • FantomPunks , an NFT collection based on the Fantom network similar to the CryptoPunks
  • Gantom Stones: This feature allows users to create gemstones. Also based on NFT technology
  • Crusaders NFT: An NFT game that is based on the Fantom network and is currently under development

3rd place: Avalanche (AVAX)


Avalanche (AVAX) secured third place. On August 16, an AVAX was still available for $ 20.8. A month later, the AVAX price is already $ 52.76. Not as big a price increase as first place, but with AVAX crypto investors were able to increase their money by 253 percent.


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